Tuesday, December 13, 2022

#6 Fred Scherman

Unsung but brief star in Tiger’s fireman corps….a case of being Johnny on the spot….signed by Twins in 1963 but acquired in a first year by Detroit….and toiled in their system….cup of coffee in 69 but got first true light of bigs in 1970….part of bullpen committee that found limited success….Seized opportunity to become head closer in light of the vacancy left by John Hiller’s heart attack and mediocrity of others….a big reason for El Tigre's 22 game upswing in 1971 as he was second in games and third in saves for the Junior Circuit….1972 repeats strong effort but did share bullpen with Chuck Sheelback….status and career took a quick knee to John Hiller’s incredible comeback season in 1973…..limited work, inflated ERA and never fully regained closer status….middle relief and mop up….traded to Astros for 1974 staying a season and a half….packed up his suitcase and in a cash deal headed to Canadian border June 1975….run of the mill work in mop up to finish out his playing days.

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