Sunday, December 26, 2021

#75 Bert Campaneris

The newly relocated Oakland Athletics’ fortunes turned around on signing and keeping this vanguard of the middle years before the KC A’s were known to give away talent to the Yankees with little in return and suffered mightily....The speedy and quick, Cuban born import becomes the first building block of the A’s 70’s mini-dynasty.....after a short tour of the A’s farm system, Bert debuts on July 22, 1964....hits two home runs in his first game....Establishes himself at short in 1965 taking the first of four consecutive stolen base crowns, six for his career.....also brought notoriety to him and the A’s by playing all 9 positions in a late season contest 1968.....consistent at the plate, BA averaging a range of .290 to .250 for a majority of his 19 years....once led the AL in triples, later on hits....One oddity was going yard 22 times in 1970 whereas he never reached double figures at any other time.....added talent to the “Swingin A’s” Campaneris collected 3 World Pennants 72-74.....After 13 years of loyal service to Charlie O Finley’s crew opts for free agency.....Texas takes the bait and pays out....solid season in 1977 despite a 50% reduction in stolen bases....stumbles badly in 1978 BA dropping significantly....another poor start in 1979 Bert is flipped to the Angels....relegated to reserve role through but stays through 1981....continues his playing days in Mexican League circa bold and surprising move accepts assignment to AAA Columbus in 1983....hits well and earns a call up to the Yankees....responds in kind with a career best .322 BA utilizing 46 hits in 143 at bats....excellent exit portal....Has become somewhat overlooked as a premiere AL shortstop for a good portion the 1960’s and 1970’s....2021 lives in Scottsdale AZ, and remains active baseball alumni activities.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

#76 Don Carrithers

Secondary journeyman middle reliever who eked out eight MLB seasons.... was able to get the call up to Candlestick Park based on great first half in AAA Phoenix in 1970.....Giants were going with youth at the time to varied success.....Don had difficulty with the big league hitters.....His resume as a SF Giant included two split seasons and two whole season....a stop gap member staff with an ERA 5+....traded to Montreal in 1974....His stint in Quebec were similar to SF....assigned to AAA early on, called up....In the subsequent 2 ½ years was able to lower his ERA to a more acceptable 3.76....although once again a firm role the pitching corps eluded him....a 5th starter at best mostly passed over to mop up or middle inning work.... Most notoriety was his last season....Recently acquired by the Twins for 1977, was involved in a car accident with a wrong way driver in Bloomington MN....While it was nonfatal both Don’s and Mike Pazik’s pitching careers were curtailed....Don was able to make an return to the staff later in the year albeit unsuccessful....their injuries already compromised a marginal staff.....released by the Twins resurfaced at his old haunts in Phoenix for a couple of year of PCL action.....liked to race stock cars in the off season.

Monday, December 13, 2021

#77 Ron Theobald

The General....named so by a coach who thought he looked like Napoleon Bonaparte ....Topps Rookie at 2nd....small ball player with hustle and desire making up for shortcomings...took over for a slumping Ted Kubiak in 1971....drew a respectable .276 BA on an offensively challenged squad....solid season did not carry as a sophomore with a 56 point drop in BA and no stolen bases.....Final stats lines and playing time about identical for both his MLB seasons....bounced around organizations in the minors....Started in Cubs system, then moving to the Twins and Senators system....rookie at age 27....did not return for the 1973 edition of the Brewers....the organization feeling was that rookie Pedro Garcia was ready.....let go, spent his last professional year at AAA Phoenix.....failed to his raise BA and subsequently out of team the Brewers....and was invited to closing of County Stadium....died on April 15, 2015 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

#78 Steve Arlin

“Stevie wants to be a Dentist”....Apparently to the extent it affected his baseball development..... Once focused on the mound showed flashes of brilliance in a Padre uniform but the team’s run support was often at issue....Could have sued his teammates for nonsupport......or in the Dentist jargon; malpractice....Developed in the collegiate ranks as a  Ohio State Buckeye star....Turned Philadelphia farmhand taken by Padres in expansion draft....minor leagues development was hindered by missing spring trainings taken over by his education pursuits....a situation that did not change until several seasons in his career....spent most of 1969 in the International League team in Columbus (the Pirate AAA club) by in large to complete his Dentistry education at OSU....Despite a poor season is called up late in Padres inaugural year....A case of a member of the 1968 AAA San Diego Padres playing for the 1969 MLB expansion squad....Arlin and infielder Roberto Pena shared this to experience the culture shock of going to a team 6 games above .500 to one that was 58 below....Stays in minor for majority of 1970......In 1971 Arlin is aided by spring training and lands into the starting rotation....End result was 9-19 W-L record but his 3.48 ERA was respectable....His specialty shutouts accounting of 4 of the team’s 9....part of the reason the third year Friars had one of the best pitching staffs in the league despite having the most losses....Arlin wins 10 in 1972 and possesses a 3.80 ERA but is tagged with two more losses than the year before....Led NL in losses two consecutive years....1973 Steve leads the Friars with 11 positive decisions and cuts down his losses to 14....but a ballooning 5.10 ERA spelled the end of his prime.....his 1974 start was a disaster, a single win compared to seven to Cleveland fared little better....Final season line 3 wins 12 losses....Returned Dentistry bypassing further organized baseball....Passes on in 2016.....Grandson of the first radio broadcaster in baseball history.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

#79 Red Sox Rookie Stars,

Highly coveted card with HOF Fisk in addition to longtime star Ceil Cooper....

Mike Garman quietly appeared in 9 MLB seasons for a total of 303 games all but 8 in relief....6 starts took place during multiple call ups for the Red Sox....otherwise his Boston time was transitory walking away with a 2-2 record....better times lay ahead after being acquired by St. two years relieved 130 games winning and losing 10 decisions....despite this solid work took routes to Cubs, Dodgers.  and Expos....shut out the opposition in 5 WS innings.... from Idaho....not exactly a baseball breeding ground. 

Carlton Fisk....“Pudge”, a more complimentary version of his early childhood nickname “Pudgy”..... now the term is a brand of honor for backstops.....New England’s pride and joy....born in Vermont, HS in New Hampshire, drafted and starred for Red Sox....HOF inductee second year on ballot....11 time all star....drafted  fourth in the 1967 draft....minor league development was decidedly uneven especially at upper asset hit well in a MLB call up 1971....Took the baseball world by storm receiver Boston had as any long time fan could remember....most home runs (22) by a Red Sox backstop at the time....Led the American League in Triples with 9 (only time he led in an offensive category)....took home the Golden Glove (also only time in career) and most notably Rookie of the Year....once quoted in a self deprecating manner “I don’t know what I’m doing right”....more importantly Fisk never stopped doing right....sophomore effort was strong albeit BA dipped....Sorely missed a good chunk of 1974 as Red Sox continued to fall short in the AL east....while the injury bug continued into 1975, but when healthy hit .332 to catapult the Sox to the WS....his stay fair gesture in walk off home run in game 6 remains a baseball iconic moment.....Stays in Bean town up to the 1980 season....Hesitancy by the Red Sox during contract negotiations resulted in being a Free agent for 1981.... signs with the White Sox.....Once again a cog to transforms the team into a contender....While the south siders fortunes waned, Fisk weathers on with full time status thru 1991...once tagged out two Yankees on one play in 1985....relegated to DH and backup for 1992 and 1993.....Logged in 13 years in Chi town compared to 11 in Boston..... Has incredible legacy of leadership, hustle, work ethic..... Played 2226 games behind the plate, once the MLB record, now held by namesake Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.  

Ceil Cooper   “Cooooop” to the Milwaukee faithful where his career fully blossomed...a case of good seasons with Red Sox but utilization was limited and did not start until 1974....1977 trade to Milwaukee was a steal for the Brew Crew....cost of the transaction were veterans George Scott and Bernie Carbo, both on the back sides of their years....initial year as a Brewer, hits .300......first of six consecutive seasons of reaching .300 or better....Improves over time using a batting stance similar to Rod Carew’s....Cooper displays more power....His .352 BA in 1980 would have taken the BA crown in most years but finished a distant second to George Brett’s .390.....Twice led the AL in RBIs....Gradually lost numbers over time but was able to make all star team for the 5th time at age 35....other accolades include  two golden glove and three of the newly minted Sliver Slugger awards starting in its initial year of 1980 to 1982...departed playing in 1987 while still a platoon player.  

Thursday, November 25, 2021

#80 Tony Perez

A major cylinder during when the Big Red Machine was going full throttle..... a player of great consistency and remarkable longevity spanning 23 years, earned HOF honors in 9th year on the ballot....the  Cuban earned his call up with Cincy based on outstanding work in AAA San Diego in 1964....initially a part-timer at 1st base....Shifts to the left side of the infield in 1967, resulting in boom in offensive production....his 102 runs driven in that year began a string of 14 straight years of 73 RBIs or better....His rise was essential in making Reds recover from the Frank Robinson trade debacle....steps up his game in 1969 and 1970 launching 77 homers and averaging 125 RBIs....1971 was solid at the plate although the Reds faulted....Downside was a bit brutal at the hot corner led NL in errors three straight years 1968-70.....even though he cut down on miscues, a return to 1st base was in order....although the 1972 Topps card assumed he would continue at third base....switch was flawless.... Perez ran a string of 100+ RBI campaigns in 1973 to 1975....Despite winning two WS rings in 1975 and 1976 was traded to Montreal in a surprise transaction....Reds going with youth also they also stopped going to the Fall Classic for a while.....Montreal years were solid, giving veteran leadership to floundering franchise....acquired by the Red Sox via Free Agency....Employed as a DH, at age 38 showed a flash of numbers put turned in decade earlier; 25 home runs, 105 RBI at the start third decade of play....downgraded to part timer from 1981 on but was able to contribute....logged in two more season in Boston, a stop in Philly, a dividend being his last World Series, and a three year return to the Cincy....stayed in baseball as a coach, manager, and executive....soft spoken and smiling was popular with fans and teammates alike. 


Friday, November 19, 2021

#81 Mike Hedlund

Texas native known for flaming red hair....along with freckled skin ....a Cleveland prospect initially....lead the Eastern League in losses in 1968 obscured his 2.30 ERA....also topped the circuit in strikeouts....picked by KC in expansion a mixed role the Rookie stayed with the big club all season....sported in 3-6 record....a poor start for KC in 1970 demoted Mike to AAA Omaha....downfall may have been the resulted contracting Hong Kong flu while playing winter ball in Venus....healthier and buoyed by a strong bullpen resulted in a career year in 1971....assisted the overachieving Royal to second place in AL with 15 wins....Fourth best ERA too....could not follow up in 1972 and Royals faltered accordingly.....registered 5 wins while losing 7 with surrendering more than two more runs in a game....turned out to be last MLB year....returned to Cleveland for 1973....remained in AAA....flipped to White Sox for 1974 faring no to Reds resulted in his retirement from baseball...hobbies were hunting, fishing, and automobiles.  

Saturday, November 13, 2021

#82 Ron Woods

Reserve outfielder for Tigers, Yankees, and varied from platoon to reserve player....never above that.....started in Pirates organization but sold for $500 to Detroit....the long time farmhand worked way up the Tiger system with solid but unspectacular far, system numbers....Finally got a chance with Tigers in 1969....played very little and was traded to NYY for a rapidly aging Tom Tresh....Woods could not get untracked in the Big Apple....hit .176 and inched up a  .230 BA in  the rest of 1969 and 1970 respectively....traded by Yankees early stages of 1971 for ex-Met icon Ron Swoboda....North of the border Woods hit .297 in part time work a personal best...Would remain an Expo for three more years.....clouts 10 home runs in 1972 with added work.... BA dropped to .254 however.....most prolific year was 1973 appearing in 135 games but BA suffered falling  further to .230....relegated to being a very seldom used reserve in 1974 hit .205....let go by Montreal, plays two season across the Pacific Ocean in Japan....Avid chess player.

Monday, November 8, 2021

#83 Dalton Jones

A primary purpose: pinch line was .262 in that role....never established himself as a regular....hit a career .231 when pinch hitting is gleaned out.....started in Red Sox organization...his first two seasons closest Dalton would get to regular work....1964 was stationed at 2nd....then moved in 1965 to 3rd as George Smith was given a shot and then replaced by Mike Andrews....shared time with Frank Malzone....both were booted with the arrival of Joe Foy to the hot corner....weaknesses were inconsistent hitting and suspect fielding....utility man from then on....Very helpful in the Red Sox upsurge of 1967.....hit a career best .287 aided by timely pinch hitting....accounted from himself in WS hitting .389.....never regained a consistent bat and a 1970 trade to Detroit found himself flushed with accomplished pinch progress to everyday status.....last year was 1972 which started in Tigertown and wound up in the basement dwelling Texas Rangers.  

Monday, November 1, 2021

#84 Vince Colbert

Big 6’3”, right-hander.....As some young Indian arms were brought in 1970 or 1971 had decent MLB careers....examples Ed Farmer, Steve Migori ...Sad but true, Vince was not one of them...Short career for the starter/reliever....a call up in 1970 was unsuccessful with ERA over 7.00...rebounded in 1971 and sported a winning year on a 100 loss team going 7-6....chipped in with 10 starts and two saves to the effort.....1972 after 6 appearances without surrendering a run put  in the starting rotation.....struggled in his new role....went 1-7 although ERA only went up by half a run from the year before....finished seasons in minors with inflated ERA....spent 1973 between AAA and AA clubs.....some strong results but Indians had moved interest from other clubs....finished professional career in Mexico....Born in Washington DC.....attended Eastern Utah University and East Carolina University

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

#85 N.L. Batting Leaders:

Joe Torre, mirroring his RBI total is on a tear and hits a career high of .363.....Twenty eight points higher than his next best season..... While his BA is a respectable .289 in 1972 it is a major decline ....returns to the .300 level, hitting .306 as a part timer after 1976.....Ralph Garr a bright newcomer brought in speed to beat out many hits....Ralph just outside of rookie status hit .343....turned out to be his second best number in his career.....Garr continues his excellent salad days hitting with a NL leading .356 mark in 1974....line drive hitter Glenn Beckert shines by well exceeded his previous best batting average by 48 points to finish at a .342 mark....Beckert would follow up by hitting .270 in 1972.   

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

#86 A.L. Batting Leaders:

Tony Oliva,  Unfortunate lot...All three would not return to the top 3 in batting...Oliva took his last or three batting crowns; the first in his Rookie year of 1964 and an encore as a sophomore in 1965...Tony O was out for most of 1972 with a knee injury and while he put up solid numbers never really was the same afterwards having been robbed of his speed.... Bobby Murcer....solid career and NY darling turned his focus to home runs in 1972, collecting 33 but at the cost of a 39 point drop in BA....Murcer would reach over .300 once more, in 1973.....Merv Rettenmund sported a .318 BA and great promise but turned out to be a flash in the pan....At the end of 1971, was hitting .306 for his career; a figure that dovetailed to .271 mark  by the time he hung up his spikes in 1980.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

#87 N.L. R.B.I. Leaders:

Winner Joe Torre was a pioneer of off season fitness in a time, struggling with weight issues in his last years in Atlanta, arrives in St Louis for 1969 with a slender an instant, electrified production....Joe drives in 137 Cardinals to home plate....a personal best and mean feat at age 30....Torre would never reach such statistical heights although he was a two time all they finished win and place in home runs accordingly Willie Stargell and Hank Aaron take place and show respectively in the RBI derby.....”Pop’s” 125 RBIs was his best effort but would take the crown in 1973.....Henry’s 118 RBIs was pedestrian in his career....tied for the rank of 8th in his storied career.

Monday, October 11, 2021

#88 A.L. R.B.I. Leaders:

#1 Harmon Killebrew, While the Killer lost something off his home run count his RBI collection remained healthy at 119 good for the top spot in the Junior Circuit....the last hurrah for the Harmon in a major offensive category....Harmon had been the reigning RBI king in 1969 so regaining the RBI mark was a redemption and bright spot in a mediocre Twins season....At #2 Frank Robinson’s register of 99 RBIs somewhat pales in comparison to his Reds glory days and the legendary triple crown year of 1966.....still never reached his 1971 statistics again.....#3  Reggie Smith drove in 96 runs which was his showing in league competition....but personal best was 100 in 1974 but only good for 8th in NL.....Overall total AL run production dropped to 7472 in 1971 down from 8109 in 1970.    

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

#89 N.L. Home Run Leaders

Home runs leader numbers were still in vogue in NL.....Willie Stargell, always threat to go deep for nearly a decade since starting in ....Stargell enters a three year prime with NL leading 48 dingers....Pops would place fifth in 1972, and take the crown again in 1973....Hank Aaron’s 47 represents a personal best for the all time home run king....The Hammer had previously claimed three HR crowns in 1957, 1963, and 1966....Another personal best, Lee May registered 39 bombs....possibly the only bright spot at the plate for the underachieving Reds....Got traded to Houston and oh so difficult power alleys of the Astrodome....while his numbers still made top ten would never hit over 29 dingers again.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

#90 A.L. Home Run Leaders:

Big change in leaders....Stalwarts Frank Howard and Harmon Killebrew are now also rans....Bill Melton who repeated his total of 1970 which was good for 6th....but in light of a league power outage with his peers surged Melton to an unexpected top spot....back injuries curtailed his playing time in 1972 and his power numbers drained in the rest of his career.....Finding fountain of youth Cash more than doubles his HR total from stranger to top 10 finishes, making the mark 9 times...his personal high was 41 in 1961 which in the frenzy of the Maris/Mantle race was only good for 6th....The future Dean of Home Runs, Reggie Jackson gets the bronze with 31.....Destined to take the AL home run crowns of 1973, 1975, 1980, and 1982....13 times in top 10 home runs....had reached #3 with his personal best total of 47 home runs in 1969.

Friday, September 24, 2021

#91 N.L. E.R.A. Leaders:

Tom Seaver.....Another league leading ERA mark for Tom 1.76 a career best mark....what is exceptional is that he lowered his ERA by over a run per game from his league leading mark in 1970....while Tom did not threepeat in 1972, he reclaims the ERA crown in 1973....finished in top 10 seven more times...tallies 12 top 10 finishes in his career....stellar effort was from Dave Roberts at 2.10 for the upstart Padres...a career mark good for ERA sliver medalist....traded to Astros for the next year only reaches top 10 again in 1973.... Don Wilson also with a career best in 1971 with 2.45.....was able to have the 8th best NL ERA the following year....while 1973 and 1974 were adequate output in terms ERA: 3.20 and 3.08 respectively, Don would tragically pass away in Jan 1975.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

#92 A.L. E.R.A. Leaders:

Vida Blue  New kid on the block, the sensation of the year, registered 1.82 runs per game....only time Blue took ERA top spot....his stingy mark turned out to be a personal best....would be in his respected circuit top 10 ERA five more times....all falling in a seven year period from 1975 to 1981....Wilbur Wood familiar face, long time veteran but with a new role, starter....the 29 year old claimed an ERA of 1.91 over the course of 334 innings.....only time in top 10.....his personal best 1.87 in 1968 was not eligible for ERA title....being a fireman that he logged in 159 innings....Jim Palmer still only 25 had a long future being top of the line hurler.....twice future ERA champ taking place 1973 and 1975....finished 2nd in his two prior years....four more top 10 finishes ending in 1982.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

#93 N.L. Pitching Leaders:

Toping the circuit with 24 victories Jenkins setting his NL personal best 1974 the formidable Canadian changes circuits and puts up his career best 25 wins for the Texas Rangers... after 1971  Fergie captures another 20 wins capping off his 6th consecutive year....Seaver hits the 20 win mark for the second time in his career, a benchmark he would reach 5 times.....Carlton reaches the 20 mark for the first time....Carlton puts in a career year with 27 wins the following year overwhelmingly taking top honors....despite the fact he was traded to the woeful 1972 Phillies....for team comparison the next best hurler won 7 games....Carlton wins 20 or more four more times, leading in NL wins three times....A major surprise Downing wins 20 for the only time his in career....notably surrenders Hank Aaron’s 713th home run in early 1974.  

Monday, September 6, 2021

#94 A.L. Pitching Leaders:

Pitching Leaders AKA Top Win Total:   On the front the tip of the iceberg showing just three top winners....More interesting is the rear of the incredible of 10 twenty game winners....Criteria for to be on the front:  22 wins or better....The more significant story were Baltimore 4 20 game winners....making them seemingly invincible in the post season on paper at least.....see cards covering the WS for the rest of the story.....Lolich takes first honors with 25 wins....a career best for the dependable starter....Vida Blue, fresh out of minors places second 24 wins....along with dominating AL media coverage.....Wilbur Wood while an effective knuckleball reliever in the past is pressed into service as a starter....met with great and surprising success starting with 22 wins...the rest of the included the quartet of Orioles McNally, Dobson, Palmer, and Cuellar....upstarts Andy Messersmith (nee Angels), Catfish Hunter (nee A’s) and Joe Coleman (nee Tigers)....all listed except Dobson and McNally would repeat the 20 mark over there career....Pat came oh-so close with 19 wins and suffering six one run losses in 1974.     


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

#95 N.L. Strikeout Leaders:

Dateline 1971 and it looked a lot like 1970....Tom Seaver is no surprise continuing to take top K honors for the second straight year....Tom follows up the #2 spot in 1972 taking a knee to Steve Carlton’s career year as the Phillies lone ace...Seaver's 289 K’s were a career best....Seaver would  go on to lead the NL in 1973 and later in 1975 and 1976....Fergie Jenkins was the NL punch out champion in was his second straight year at #2 falling to Tom Terrific....his 1971 total of 263 ranked third in his career.... Jenkins would downgrade to a respectable 5th in 1972.....As a consolation prize, Jenkins did take home the 1971 Cy Young award over his peers.....Stoneman was the surprise bronze medal winner....notorious for being on bad teams; Stoneman was able to place 9th in strikeout in 1972....His figure of 251 in 1971 was a career best.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

#96 A.L. Strikeout Leaders: Mickey Lolich, Vida Blue, Joe Coleman

Who are the usual suspects... Mikey Lolich finished second in strikeouts in 1970 (high point of an otherwise off year) and repeated that position in 1972....second place in K’s was familiar territory for Lolich, having taken a bow to Sudden Sam McDowell in 1965 and 1969 ....Who’s new: Vida comer and 1971 is also a career punch out high....encore thwarted due to a sit out in 1972.... Coleman, was an under the radar hard thrower.....Finished 5th in strikeouts wearing a Senator’s uniform  in 1969 ....2 years with later a new club and Coleman's revitalized career....combined with Lolich to account for a little over half of the staff’s 1000Ks....Common ground:  all reached their career best strikeout totals in 1971. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

#97 Tom Kelley

Not to be confused with the Twins' WS winning skipper....whose last name is spelled  Kelly….a two tailed career with 4 year separation between MLB stints....a pitcher in the 60’s with Cleveland....called up based on a domineering 16-3 record in the PCL but once he arrived his work was insignificant and sparse over the course of four seasons....1st half line was 6 wins and 9 losses....after 1966, bounced around the minors hampered in a morass of  injuries and being placed on an inactive list....released by Cleveland and signed by the Braves as a free agent  .....While was still in the bush loop in 1970, Kelley did impress at a short time in AA level....Given a shot in 71, responded by being victorious in 9 games and starting 20.....his ERA of 2.85 was a personal best....stayed with the Braves in 1972 but lost effectiveness as a starter....dropped to bullpen mop up work...returned to minors for most of career which ended in 1977.....Passed away in 2015 

Friday, August 13, 2021

#98 Chuck Tanner

An underrated miracle worker….at age 42 took the worst White Sox team in history to a 23 game upturn in 1971....his accomplice pitching coach Johnny Sain....aided by shrewd trades and internal moves.....came in with a great pedigree being two time minor league manager of the year in AA (1968) and AAA (1970) in the Angels system....From Western Pennsylvania coal country....common ground with his superstar Dick Allen and the two clicked....8 game improvement 1972.....At this time Tanner becomes a known quality and eventually in high demand.....continues with three more years in Chicago’s south side, one year in Oakland (1976), nine years in Pittsburgh (1977-85) and finishing with three seasons in Atlanta (1986-89)....continuous employment over 19 years.....His Pirates stint was a case of mutual attraction....Growing up 40 miles south of Pittsburgh he was a Bucs fan..... So wanted by the Pirates he was traded in exchange for catcher Manny Sanguillén and 100K....An extreme rare instance..... armed with considerable talent was able to pilot the Bucs to several winning seasons and more importantly the 1979 World Series Championship....knock on Tanner was that he looked the other way with club house drug use in the 80’s.....never won 100 games at the big league level....but did reach 101 in a combination 98 PCL wins and a 3-13 record in his 1970 debut with the Chisox.....was a 4th outfielder as a player.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

#99 Ross Grimsley

For sure he was a junkballer and a nibbler of  the corner strike zone.....but also a highly suspected doctorer of the baseball.... pitch speed impressed nobody but won games 121 of them in all....A rookie for the Reds in 1971, a bright spot in a most disappointing year.... Retooled and healthier the Reds resurge to WS....Grimsley chips 14 wins good for second the squad....part of a commune of starters.....won 3 games in post season 2 in the series in a losing effort....One more year in the Queen city and is traded to Baltimore....delivers an excellent 1974 .....stays 3 more years and tests the newly created free agent market....Took to the North as a Montreal Expo raking in $1.1 million ....Sported a career year with 20 wins in 1978, good for second in the NL to another “creative” hurler Gaylord Perry....Only Expo to reach the 20 game mark....lost effectiveness thereafter....ERA ran up by 2 runs a game resulting in only 10 wins in 1979.....even worse in 1980 splitting the year between the Expos and Indians ERA growing by another run a game....Sat out 1981....made a slight comeback with the Orioles in 1982 but was relegated to mostly insignificant mop up work....Turned to coaching after quitting the mound....sported extremely long curly locks paired with pale blue eyes exuded an exotic quality to or the nickname crazy eyes to detractors....might have a ruse to hide foreign substances....He and Gaylord Perry would make for an interesting conversation....a cross between Jared Leto and Mr. Kotter.