Saturday, September 18, 2021

#92 A.L. E.R.A. Leaders:

Vida Blue  New kid on the block, the sensation of the year, registered 1.82 runs per game....only time Blue took ERA top spot....his stingy mark turned out to be a personal best....would be in his respected circuit top 10 ERA five more times....all falling in a seven year period from 1975 to 1981....Wilbur Wood familiar face, long time veteran but with a new role, starter....the 29 year old claimed an ERA of 1.91 over the course of 334 innings.....only time in top 10.....his personal best 1.87 in 1968 was not eligible for ERA title....being a fireman that he logged in 159 innings....Jim Palmer still only 25 had a long future being top of the line hurler.....twice future ERA champ taking place 1973 and 1975....finished 2nd in his two prior years....four more top 10 finishes ending in 1982.

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