Saturday, December 31, 2022

#3 Bob Tolan

Out of commission for 1971….absence was a cited reason why sports teams have contractual clauses prohibiting “recreational” teams into other sports.....a significant reason the Big Red Machine turned into Big Dead Machine after there juggernaut 1970....Started in the Cardinals system but never seemed to fully mesh with them.....traded to Reds the deal paid out with two great back to back seasons....hit carrer highs in homers and RBIs in 1969....led NL in stolen bases 1970 a formidable task given the golden age of Lou Brock.....Tolan came back as did the Big Red Machine in 1972 but the injury hasten career stat erosion....fortunately Reds were able to return to the WS for 1972.....batted .286 but his numbers went into free fall in 1973.....speed on the base path had exited too....traded to San Diego who were collecting veterans in hopes of recapturing passed glory for their 1974 campaign.... Tolan gave average results at best....travels to Philly mostly as a reserve in 1976 and a fraction of 1977....Still trying to find work, spends remainder of 1977 in Pittsburgh, then overseas in Japan (1978), and a stint in the short lived AAA Inter-American League (1979)....was able to finish career with handful of at bats during a return trip with the Padres.  


  1. Tolan had been the Reds' regular center fielder, and his absence in 1971 caused the Reds to acquire George Foster early that season to replace him. When Tolan returned in '72, Foster went back to the bench for a few years. Imagine!

  2. Ahh ... that's me, defaulting to "Anonymous" again.

  3. Reds did better with Foster with 2 WS wins plus other great seasons. Another bad Giant trade maybe softened by the fact he was on the bench.