Sunday, January 31, 2021

#125 Dave Cash

Part of the Pirate youth movement....Location Second Base replacement to the venerable Bill Mazerowski, vanguard of the 60’s ...Starting in 1966, Cash breezed through Pitt’s farm system with solid numbers.....Late season call up in 1969....Midseason call up 1970....Took over 2nd base in 1971 although playing time was slightly restrained by military 1972-73 had a steady role but sometimes took a back seat to the also talented Reggie Sennett....Seemingly accepted a trade to the lowly Phillies....entered a new phase of careers not achieved in Pittsburgh...became a prolific leadoff man leading the NL in at bats in each of this three years there.....Led NL hits one time....Better yet Cash becomes a catalyst for better addition offered excellence in fielding, speed, and on/off field headship....Coined the phase “yes we can” among the Phillie collective...catapulted them from cellar dweller to a full-fledged contender resulting in a playoff berth of his game, took the free agency route to land in Montreal...partially because he felt underappreciated, partially to enhance his coffers in the new found source of income....Reprised his role as an agent of change for the better...continued his everyday durability for two more years, turned valued reserve in his third hitting .321....returned last go round was with Padres who were gambling with a veteran laden squad....a return to regular work at second base but his .227 BA and poor spring training in 1981 spelled the end of his stock and trade in the MLB....dabbled in managing intermittently along with various roving coaching but since gone into full retirement.    

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  1. Cash arrived in Philly in 1974. Don Money departed Philly after 1972.

    They missed having a Cash-Money infield by 2 years.