Saturday, June 17, 2017

#323 Earl Weaver

Legendary Baltimore Skipper...definition of winner in a compact 5’ 8”package....Weaver’s Orioles were AL’s dominant team, 3 first place finishes, 3 AL championship series sweeps, in his first three full seasons....road to his MLB duties were long, making nearly every stop up the Oriole farm system in levels D to AAA....experience gave him a great knowledge of future Baltimore players...midseason replacement for Hank Bauer 1968....Career line: five 100 win season, 420 games above .500....primary body of work ended in 1982...retired briefly as Baltimore won another WS.....was lured out of retirement mid 1985....won again but the birds fell short.... never had a losing season, not even close, until his last year in 1986....fiery temper first manager to ejected from a WS game...only downside of a stellar career was a single WS championship 1970 out of four contests.

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