Monday, June 26, 2017

#320 Steve Blass

Happily cruising along to an elite status among NL starters after 1972...image helped along by his WS heroics in stymieing the Oriole juggernaut in 1971 winning 2 complete games...1972 fell one game short of 20 wins....then poof it was gone, could not throw strikes....a mystery to this day with old school followers of baseball....AKA Steve Blass disease...Golfer like Johnny Miller has suffered similar issue.....a reminder that performers suffer psychological fates not just injuries....took a demotion to AAA with similar disastrous results...the tail end of Steve’s playing days follies should not cover up he was formidable member of the Pirates staff, sometimes the win leader in the late 60’s to early 70’s....his contributions somewhat covered up by Bob Veale’s strikeout totals and Dock Ellis’ controversy....after baseball reverted to broadcast booth to become the Pirates radioman...despite downfall positive about baseball career...earned his way up to Pirates permanently 1966, regular starter 1968. 

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