Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#355 Bob Watson 

It took a few years but blossomed into an upper tier hitter in a pitcher’s park....Astro signed , first saw Big League action 1966...most kept in minors, stymied during MLB call ups...too good for AAA though....feasted on PCL pitching hitting .400 in two partial seasons...big break and permanent placement in the majors started in 1970....hit .272 as a part timer....BA raised to .288 1971 with more playing time....started hitting at or near a .300 clip for nine season stretch beginning 1972-1980...notable seasons were 1975 hit .324, 100+ RBI 1976 and 1977, and most unusually scoring baseball’s millionth run on May 4, 1975 in an early MLB publicity promotion...even though Watson may have been one of the slowest players in the league at the time, he beat out speedster Reds Dave Conception by an estimated 8 yards or an estimated second and a half....acquisition via Yankees gave Bob his only taste of post season play 1980-81...made the most of it, hit .371 in 67 at bats....worked in MLB front office after playing.


  1. He also spent time as a catcher in his early major league days, mentioned in Jim Bouton's book.

  2. Yes, Watson's first card from 1969 indicates him C-OF. His 1970 card says Outfielder but he is definitely using a catcher's mitt.