Thursday, April 13, 2017

#352 Dave LaRoche 

Another case of a young player dealt often throughout his career....debut in 1970, collected a handful of saves, a 3.00 ERA, and 9-2 body of work over two seasons...imported by the Twins to bolster their deflated bullpen thereby dismantling the Angel’s relief corps....One season in the upper midwest and was traveling again...road took him to Chicago where fortunes floundered....came back with Cleveland, upping his value....returned to team of debut mid 1977-1980....finished up in Yankee pinstripes in a mop up role where he gained notoriety for his “La Lob” pitch a variation on Steve Hamilton's "Folly Floater"....Two sons, Adam and Andy were major league players, the former being a regular for 12 years, hitting 255 homers.....A case of doppelganger? is his profile on the 1972 any different from then Angel teammate Jerry Moses’?...are they both of the same person or was it a switch... maybe a bit more  hair on the sideburns. 


  1. Hmmm...makes me wonder if all of the Angels ended up doing the same pose just in case of a trade. It's possible yes?

  2. I'm sure it depends on the photographer but I think who ever does it had to take a variety of shots. The upward profile needed to be the standard for the "nobody knows what they will look like" Rangers. One thing I notice with the 1972 set is there seems to be fewer hatless shots maybe 7-8 tops than in years prior.