Sunday, April 16, 2017

#351 Braves Rookie Stars

Not many players are known for catching a home run ball but Tom House was....House had a OK MLB career....appearing in 8 seasons, six of them full....had one full season under his belt and starting the 1974....on April 8, Tom caught Henry Aaron’s 714th home run on the fly...took coveted ball straight to Hank, rewarded with TV from a Atlanta TV dealer....the event seem to galvanize Tom, who proceeded to have his best season with 1.92 ERA....did serviceable yet declining work thereafter....had twin 11 save season in 1974 and 1975...traded to Boston for year and change, landing with expansion Seattle Mariners in their first year....experimented with being a starter with unremarkable results...turned to coaching after playing....Rick Kester, Jimmy Britton have little to show...Kester’s MLB career was one season past and Jimmy Britton never played in MLB....Interesting note however in a case of name doppelganger Britton is not be confused or related to Jim Britton who played for Atlanta 1967-1969 and Montreal 1971.

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