Sunday, December 18, 2016

#390 Willie Davis

Gee Willie,  I can hold two baseballs at one time too...hard to figure out the situation the photo was taken, was the picture was in-action card or taken during batting guess is batting practice because of glove on the ground)....Now getting back to the player....was fixture in the Dodger outfield for most of the duration of the 60’s and early 70’s...started regular work mid 1961 but had a bit of an uneven career until 1969...brought speed, good power....fortes were extended hitting streaks (separates ones of 31 and 26 games) triples, twice led NL and once hit 26 in the minors.... won Gold Gloves twice but was know drop too many fly balls....made 3 errors in one inning during game two of 1966 World Series....exceptional seasons were 1971 and 1973 were he captured all star berths...despite his above par efforts of 1973 was traded in the off season to Montreal....put up better than average numbers for the 1974 Quebec squad but subsequently toiled in light of multiple  changes of scenery...played in  Texas and St Louis the following year....then in 1976 wore San Diego Padres Brown and Yellow, which was Willie’s last full season....continued to work going to the far east (or is it west) to the Japanese leagues....tried to come back for a short spell with Angels 1979....last season was spent in Mexico 1980....highly conscious of his batting stance and was of the most physically fit players in the league.....passed away in 2010.


  1. Those are the knob-ends of 2 bats. (You can see the barrel between his elbow and his ribs.)

    (For many years I thought he and Tommy Davis were brothers.)

  2. Wow thanks you're right never noticed the bats in back.