Friday, September 16, 2016

#420 Steve Carlton

Steve has no in action card but took his game to the next level in 1971….won 20 games for the first time a feat that would be repeated five more times….became a  Phillie for 1972…his first season there was legendary, one of most significant seasons ever....maybe the best seasonal record on the worst team….30 wins could have been in reach if not for early season shutdown and inept Phillie offense… Topps recognized the trade in card #751…despite 1971 and the historic 1972, the years of 1970 and 1973 were subpar….his real prime took place from years 1976 to 1982 when he was age 32 to 38….not done yet had a 13-7 record at age 40…. illustrious Phillie career with 241 wins….even 1-8 record in 1985, Steve had a better ERA than 1971....afterwards was rough....drawback of career was that he stayed in tbaseball 2-3 seasons too long, struggling in most outings….bounced along to SF, MN, CHISOX, and CLE….aloof and evasive with fame….best descriptor of his pitching style was from batterymate and caddy Tim McCraver…. "Carlton does not pitch to the hitter, he pitches through him. The batter hardly exists for Steve. He's playing an elevated game of catch." ….won Cy Young award four times, each time leading the NL in wins….once struck out 19 and lost…HOF all the way.

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