Friday, September 23, 2016

#418 Tom Shopay

Diminutive reserve  mostly for the Orange birds….known for good speed usually asked to pinch run…..MLB time spanned 1967 to 1977….Started out with the Yankees...Impressive call up 19667 hitting .296 and slugging 2 of his 3 career home runs.... For the most part a AAA minor league farm hand….at that level a capable hitter finishing pro ball time in 1978 with .284 BA….Career MLB BA was a modest .201….Most at bats in major league season was 74 in 1971….got in five games and four at bats in that year’s world series…went hitless but in proportion to regular season work it did represent a huge increase in playing time… sums his career up best:  Tom the pleasure and the misfortune to play for either veteran or very good major league teams during his career. It allowed him to have some great teammates and experience a winning environment, but it also invariably meant that he never got much of an opportunity to establish himself as an everyday player.

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