Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#475 Gary Nolan

Highly sought after out high school...Won over by the Reds....after coasting one season in the minors, was a teenage phemon winning  14 games at age 18 for the Reds....The rest of his career was a series of rehabilitations due to arm trouble....when healthy one of the better pitchers in baseball...next two years saw partial seasons that included a stint in the minors....came back with a vengeance for the 1970 Reds  going 18-7....did not pitch well in WS...had his only losing season in 1971....Reds fortunes went south that year too....another strong season Gary went 15-5 as the Reds returned to the WS....Notable to was a 1.99 ERA and NL best win %.....The injury bug in the form of calcium deposits hit again 1973-74 virtually wiping out both seasons....absence may have been a reason Reds did not make playoffs....Once again returned to form in 1975-76 going 15-9 in both years....Finally won a WS games in 1976 in his 7th start....Injuries at the onset of 1977 effectively ended career....Handsome player but was married at age 15.....One of a couple of Reds hurlers who claim Reds scoffed at arm soreness in the early 70's.

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