Sunday, May 15, 2016

#471 Luke Walker

Maybe George Lucas' favorite player....Just add “Sky” before his last name well you know the rest....Long and lanky lefthander...kind of a quiet, non-descript career, mostly with the very good season 1970 then a gradual decline....was the top man on the staff with 15 wins but was not a starter at beginning and end of year... got hot in September  vaulting the team to be NL East champs....first made club in 1968....mixed bag winless but a 2.03 ERA....after two seasons was 4-10....took over starter role for 1971 but a diminished return at 10-8....hampered by a mid season injury which cost a month of action....lessened role for 1972 output 4-6 record....last season in Pittsburgh went 7-12 with sizeable ERA increase....1974: landed in Detroit....comeback never materialized at 5-5, 4.95 ERA....beset with health problems early in career including an emergency appendectomy.


  1. will you be going back to do #476 Lee Richard?

  2. Made a mistake of omission. Nothing against Bee Bee. I totally forgot about him unlike Jake Aker who I wrote about but forgot to post. Thanks for pointing that out. When I write a bio, I usually research the player not so much the card or number. The card number is the last thing I usually type in that's where mis-numbering can happen.

  3. Glad you like it. At this point, I feel I have collected all the relevant source material to need. The Complete Handbook of Baseball for years 1971, 1972, and 1973, Who's Who in baseball (good source for DL information) from 1968 to 1990's, and various publication.

    As a note I'm going to increase the pace of posting for next two weeks, then going on hiatus June 1-14th.