Friday, May 20, 2016

#469 Ron Herbel

Winner of the Fred Gladding I can’t hit award”...or is it the other way around and  Fred won the “Ron Herbel I can’t hit award”...either way career .029 BA....long time west coast reliever (Giants, Padres) who finished his time on the East Coast (Mets, Braves).... Started out in Giants organization, getting work in a mix of starting and relieving role regular gig circa 1964.....21 wins in first two years....gradually assigned to the bullpen duties and four non-descript seasons...very few saves, averaging less than one a year for six years....changing teams to Padres trade resulted in the relief of 64 games in SD plus 12 for New York Mets for an NL leading 76...Saves total was 9 SD/1 NYM....Upside his NYM 1.38 ERA represents his best work as a pro:  Downside 4.95 ERA with Padres was more indicative of arsonist than fireman.... 1971 season with the Braves had his customary one save and a less than impressive 5.23 ERA.... did not reappear in majors after 1971 but tried to catch on with Minnesota Twins finishing with their Tacoma AAA club during 1972....passed away in 2000

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