Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#467 Steve Kline

Enjoyed two seasons of prominence in the Big Apple....1971 and 1972 won 12 and 16 games respectively for Ying Yangs (a less than complimentary adolescent term for the Yankees)....Drafted in 1966 by NYY.....climbed up the organization’s chain....pressed into the NYY starting rotation on the heal of an impressive 8-2 record at Syracuse....decent account for himself with a 6-6 record with big club...most impressive of his 1971 season was 15 complete games....the year the Yankees did not have a bullpen...Arm troubles developed in 1973 and immediately lost effectiveness...fell to 4-7 record... a moderately good start early 1974 prompted Yankees to trade him to Indians where his ERA soared....Took 1975 off to recover...started a AAA comeback in 1976 in Toledo...was able to briefly re-surface for a month with the Atlanta Braves in 1977 earning his only career save.


  1. Excellent blog. Great potential cut short by injury. Kline would have been a perfect fit for the Yankees on their 76-77-78 pennant winners.

  2. Thank you, Kline had everything you wanted in a up and coming pitcher, a solid mid season call up 1970, took on spot in rotation and had excellent complete game numbers 1971, and huge improvements in wins and ERA 1972, putting the Yankees in playoff contention for the first time since early 60's. He could have been one of the great NYY home grown pitching stars in a time there weren't many.