Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#177-178 Paul Schaal Paul Schaal In Action

1971 Career year....matured veteran...hit for singles or doubles....but a source of pride was his 11 home runs and 61 RBI’s both personal bests....redemption for years of futility in the Angels organization....from his debut in 1964 to 1968 only hit .218 in 1392 at bats with just short of 2 dozen homers... paired with a hit by pitch injury Paul suffered a double whammy of being a never was and uncertain damaged goods....Enter expansion and the KC Royals...taking a chance on the advice of Paul’s ex hitting coach Royal Manager Joe Gordon he is drafted from California....even though at first Paul does not make the KC roster, he shows persistence and feasts on AAA pitching at Omaha at a .374 clip....impressed KC front office pressed Schaal into 61 games...Schaal hit .263 already his MLB top mark.... Paul continues his upward climb for the next two  years....suffered a set back with his .228 1972 BA but bounced back with a .288 mark 1973....1974 started poorly and a young George Brett was waiting in the wings....traded back to Anaheim for the remainder of the year...hit a fair .244...with a lot young competition at 3rd was released....Paul tried several endeavors but found fulfillment as patient, later on in his practice, was one George Brett.... Word is Paul had some good natured ribbing at Brett's expense....Passed away 2017.  

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