Sunday, May 20, 2018

#191 Jeff Burroughs

Intermittent superstar…reached MVP heights (1974)  then BA would drop dramatically, a phenomenon that took place a couple of times….after a couple less than stellar trials Burroughs makes good on his touted first draft pick in 1969 promise with 30 home runs in 1973….the first offensive threat for the Senator\Ranger franchise since the prime of Frank Howard…fine follow up in 1974 with AL best 118 RBIs and .301 average….rolled up MVP honors over the prime of the Oakland A’s lineup….drop off of 80 points in his BA 1975 while power numbers remain the same…another below standard season and Jeff is traded to Atlanta for 1977….. hitter’s park to his liking and Burrough is revitalized with 41 HRs, 114 RBI, and .271 BA….opposing pitcher got wise next season trying to pitch around Jeff….the move cuts into his run production but leads the NL in walks and on base %....1979 Burrough’s numbers drop again….this time while he comes back he is never the force with run production at about one-half and BA hovering near .260 making stops in Seattle and Oakland…wraps up his last year 1985 in Toronto….made a name for himself after playing as a  highly successful Little League coach winning back to back World Titles with his son and eventual big leaguer Sean his star player.    


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  2. Hey Douglas, everything ok? Been looking forward to following this blog to the end, but it's been stuck here for a couple of months. Hope all is well...

    1. Thanks for writing. I'm well I'm good. Just kind of got away from it over the Spring and Summer. I will pick it up in the fall.