Thursday, January 11, 2018

#242 Don Mincher

Three times Mincher was view to a franchise’s last days in a given location….and this might be record that no one keeps nor will be broken….the Forest Gump of franchise moves…it all started in 1960 and Mincher is called up and plays in the last game of the original frachise….Traveling with the franchise to Minnesota, Mincher gradually garners playing time and improves reaching 17 home runs and a .258 BA in 1963….hits over 20 homers the next two seasons….a drop in power in 1966 and the Twins jettisons him to the Angels for essentially getting the arm of Dean Chance…As an Angel, Mincher puts together his best over all season buoyed by .273 BA….another off campaign in 1968 and Mincher is exposed to the expansion draft….taken in first round, Mincher rebounds to lead the first year squad in their only year in Seattle….Mincher is traded to the A’s as Pilots metamorphosed into the Brewers….He continues to hit with power out homering teammates Reggie Jackson and Sal Bando….Don starts 1971 in Oakland but is traded to the second edition of the Senators who continue to have the same struggles as the first….A puzzling trade where the Nats surrender a better reliever and younger first baseman, Mike Epstein….Nevertheless, Don put together is highest average .291 of career….On again, on the field for Senator’s last game which was forfeit (although the books show Senators 7, NYY 5)….Starts 1972 in Texas….traded back to Oakland midseason…play little and hits poorly….still makes post season roster….in last official at bat in WS game 3 gets a critical hit for a 3-2 Oakland victory....stayed in baseball eventually becoming the commissioner of the AA Southern League.

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