Sunday, September 3, 2017

#285  Gaylord Perry 

A mound craftsman and crafty character….HOF shrouded in the spitballer label….reporters went so far as to ask his 5 year old daughter if he threw a greaseball, without hesitation replies “it’s a hard slider”….The fun started in 1966 after an extensive development running four years….That year established as a starter went 21-8….then taking the win in 15, 16, 19, 23 contests in four seasons….the later being good for 2nd in 1970 NL Cy Young….maybe felt a twinge of jealousy as brother Jim took the AL Cy Young with 25 victories….1971 his last SF year won 16 games....through his SF years the better his ERAs was the smaller his win total…That all changed after trade to Cleveland for 1972….proceeded to set the baseball world on its ear with 24 wins and the AL Cy Young award….Equally incredible was the record in light how bad Cleveland was at the time….A massive steal for Indians and Giant sunk quickly....Mystified AL audiences as to where he was hiding his grease…Neighbor of mine swore gunk was hidden in Craig Nettles shoe….had OK follow up in 73 with a 19-19 accompanied by a 3.44 ERA…note Nettles was gone….must of got someone to take the Nettle’s role in 74 when he reached 20 games for the fourth time….However ran into conflicts with new manager Frank Robinson in 1975….Traded to Texas…had good years but not the heights reached with Giants and Indians….a trade to San Diego another steal....Gaylord's last great season in an impressive career….at age 39, went 21-6 and took the 1978 NL Cy Young….Career thereafter was a continuation of a workhorse load but wins became more elusive….traveled often SD, Texas, NYY, Seattle, and KC were his homesteads….won 300th game 1982 in a Mariners uniform….one of the most dominant pitchers to have played for both leagues….he and brother Jim are second in the all time win list by siblings to Joe and Phil Niekro.

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