Saturday, September 9, 2017

#283 Darrel Brandon  

Don't look for Darrel's name in Baseball Reference, type in Bucky Brandon instead....Changed teams eight times three franchises before first game in majors…An odd career missing a beat on some teams highs and  a positive landing in other’s team’s lows….Once in majors played for Red Sox (but was not effective in 1967 WS year) was an expansion draftee by Pilots, acquired by Twins…found a home with Philadelphia….claim to fame is three .500 seasons in debut year of 1966, 1971, and 1972….the last is most interesting for by going 7-7 he was #2 in Phillies wins just barely edged by Steve Carlton who had 19 more…without this dynamic duo chipping their records the Phillies went 25-80….dubious claim to fame…mediocre 973 spelt the MLB end for Bucky although he played another year in AAA. 

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  1. Darrell Brandon was the last Phillie to wear #32 before Steve Carlton. (He switched to #30 in 1972.)