Monday, August 7, 2017

#297 Claude Osteen. #298 Claude Osteen In Action  

Dependable, consistent forged out the 50’s lasting to the mid 70’s....trouble was it took awhile with losing but noble with new edition of the Washington work was plentiful....was able to garner a then franchise high 15 wins....Inning eater extraordinaire...11 straight seasons of 200+ innings plus his last of career was spent in a LA residency bridging the Kofax and Drysdale era to Sutton, Messersmith, Tommy John....a four pitch craftman....Value as a Dodger was first proven by critical win in 1965 WS...trolled along as a LA winner 1967 sans Koufax...Upped his game to 20 wins 1969 and repeated in 1972.... 1973 final season in Dodger blue won 16....With so many starters Dodgers sent Claude  to Houston;  performed at par but as Astros sunk into mediocrity was traded to contending St Louis....mostly watched on sidelines as Claude was relegated to bullpen....marked a 9-11 record for the year 1974....Cards released him prior to 1975...was picked up by Chisox....opportunity to benefit from coach Johnny Sain’s tutorship....turned out not to be....returned prolific work (204 innings 37 starts) but was plagued by signs of age and wound up  7-16 to finish off his career.   

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