Thursday, August 10, 2017

#295 Dick  Dietz  #296 Dick  Dietz In Action 

Another player like Clarence Gaston who’s high water mark was 1970.... mysteriously short theory is that he became problematic to front office because of union activity....greatest strength getting on base with hits and walks....biggest liability: defense....gradually brought up the Giants farm system....broken in with 56 games in 1967....moved up to platooning with Jack Hiatt getting about ½ playing time....with Hiatt’s departure Dick came into his own 1970....107 RBIs and.300 over 100 walks.....second best hitting catcher next to Johnny Bench....appeared in all star game....hit home and NL came back to win....1971 suffered a decline but was still considered one of better hitting backstops....19 home runs....strange events thereafter....put on waivers by Giants....picked up by Dodgers....Injured early on and never recouped his stroke...sold to the Braves for 1973....tried out at 1st, more than catcher....plate discipline resulted in .295 BA and 467 on base in 139 at bats....was his limited still related to a blacklisting?...released after the season ending his baseball career....not much else is known....passed away in 2005....would have been interesting to get his this


  1. Dick Dietz's rookie card (1967) shows him as an outfielder, although he only played catcher for the Giants, and for most of his time in the minors. He was an outfielder in '63-'64 and part of '65, but not afterwards. Topps was asleep at the switch.

    He was also named as the catcher on the Topps All-Rookie team in 1967.

  2. Now That's a Action Card! Very Cool.

  3. Sure beats the Bob Barton "I'm standing next to a very old security guard" card