Thursday, August 31, 2017

#286 Gene Alley 

A big deal at first, relegated to semi-obscurity later on….Pirates his only team…excellent glove man and proficient at small ball….after one season of getting his feet wet in 1964 career started to take off…hit .252 in 1965…reaches personal highs in 1966-67 hitting .299 and .287 winning gold gloves and is possibly the best shortstop for the time…because the best NL shortstop Maury Wills was playing about 30 feet to his right….starting 1968 settled into .240ish batting numbers and losing playing time to Fred Patek….played into 1973….major fails in post season…a fact not lost on skipper Danny Murtaugh who replaced him with sub Jackie Herandez in 1971 WS who hit worse than Gene’s pale .227 regular season mark…final post season tally of 1 for 27....Ouch.


  1. Gene finished his career with exactly 999 regular season hits. He was hitless in his 2 All-Star Game appearances and, as you mentioned, was 1 for 27 in 4 post-season series. So that 1 lonely playoff hit gives him 1000 hits on the nose in "games that count".

  2. Or one could say 1000 hits at the MLB level. I remember a game on national TV where Pirates scored 20 runs in a game and I think Alley hitless.