Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#317 Rich Hand

A Cleveland castoff along with Mike Paul brought in to be a reclamation project to patch up the Ranger’s staff in the wake of the Denny McClain debacle...1st pick in 1969 June secondary draft....put on the fast track landing AAA Portland for the remainder of the stranger to the Northwest, born and schooled in Washington....Promoted big club 1970....fared OK with a 3.83 ERA mostly as a starter role...faltered on the mound in 1971 but was able to put up decent AAA numbers in Wichita....As a Ranger went 10-14 with a 3.32 ERA....a better record might of been had if first year Rangers hit better than their Ted Williams ulcer making .217 BA....Rich couldn’t reprise his output in 1973....Midseason took his Ranger 2-3 record and 5.40 ERA to Angels where he logged in 4-3 record and 3.62 ERA....last MLB season not to return.

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