Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#305 Ken Boswell  #306 Ken Boswell In Action

Three year prime then relegated to the NYM and Houston bench....Handy player when on his game...liabilities were injuries and initial an inconsistent glove (bad in 1969, greatly improved 1970) then later on  had trouble at the plate....closely aligned with manager Gil Hodges.... his work with him is considered the source improvement with the glove...his sudden death, a possible cause of his decline at the plate.... most impressive in the first NLCS when he hit 2 home runs, especially given Ken only hit 3 out of park in 362 regular season at bats.... came of age as simultaneously with many of his Miracle Met prodigies... acquistion of Felix Millan cut into his playing time....stuck around NYC until 1975 when Boswell took his game to Houston for 3 more years.


  1. My favorite player growing up! Hit three consecutive pinch hits in the 73 world series which tied a record. Hard to be a Boswell fan growing up in LA.

  2. Interesting that you like Boswell given the distance from LA. From that era I'm found of Jose Arcia, not a very good player but liked his 1969 card it was first time I saw a Padres hat.