Friday, May 12, 2017

#335 Bill Hands

If Bill’s career wins were graphed it would show a bell curve...with the pinnacle topping out with 20 wins in 1969...a workhorse that year logging in 300 innings, a good portion of it in the Wrigley summer sun....Hands never reached those heights again....followed up 18, 12, and 11 win seasons as his ERA  inflated.....a swap to the Twins failed to resurrect his career, won just 6 games 1973....last game in baseball was a particularly nasty shelling by Brewers while in a Texas uniform....Resulting pitching line: 111 wins, 110 loses....passed away recently 2017....started out with Giants organization, won 17 games in AAA Phoenix 1965....another case of a prospect traded rather than kept much to the benefit of the mid-1960's Cubs.


  1. Serious back ailments (dating back at least to '73) ended Bill's career. Fun Fact: in February 1976, the Rangers traded Bill to the Mets for George Stone (whose career was ended by a rotator cuff injury that dated to '74). Both players were to be assigned to the top minor league clubs with a spring invite included. Both pitchers chose retirement instead.

  2. Thanks, I looked up the 1973 log and I would say something seem happen in June, total loss of effectiveness in 3 starts...never really returned to rotation. As a Twins fan I had high hopes too.