Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#331 Stan Swanson

A short unknown career , at least to this writer....Montreal farmhand who was able to get some big club experience in 1971....his single season MLB career line is on the back of the card....started as a Reds prospect....traded to Expos for 1971....not making the big club torched AAA pitching at the Expo's Winnipeg club with a .351 BA to earn his call up...nice debut with two doubles in five at bats...possibly his best game ever...hit two home runs both against Cardinals.....finished with .245 BA.


  1. Not only have I never heard of this guy, I don't even remember this card.

  2. Swanson's card and career is an oddity. Most players are able to become "known" to the card collector/baseball fan by virtue of playing more than one season, maybe having another card either previously or afterwards. But not in his case.

  3. I seem to recall this guy's nickname being "Swish". I wonder if he was a good b-ball player, or just fanned a lot at the plate?