Friday, March 24, 2017

#359 Don Pavletich 

Pronounce pav-LET-ic....A Milwaukee native, reserve backstop by trade, sounds a bit one Bob Uecker....acquired for 1972 to help out his hometown team... except he didn’t play in Brewcity.....Cincinnati debut in 50’s resulted in only  one at bat....started getting MLB time 1962......In his prime Don was one of the better reserves catchers in the NL....put together .300 BA over two seasons backing up Johnny Edwards 1965-66 as a member of the of his time was more inconsistent....barely played during his two year in Red Sox uniform circa 1970-71....given his career, it would have interesting if he ever would have been given a regular working schedule.


  1. Learned something today. I always thought his name was pronounced PAVEL-titch. Go figure!

  2. The interesting for me with Don is that it appears he lives a few miles away from me in Brookfield Wi.