Wednesday, February 8, 2017

# 372 Royals Rookie Stars

Irony, one of players traded to Astros for John Mayberry earning a very small note on the backside.... the regal sounding Lance Clemons...never played for the Astros....Bulk of MLB time, 24 inning and one win was already spent with the Royals 1971...did get in 5 shell shocked innings for the Cardinals in 1972....whisked away to the Red Sox as a dreaded player to be named later deal....briefly resurfaced somehow winning a game for Boston 1974 despite a monstrous ERA over 9.00....passed away 2006.....Showing a bit more promise was wealthy sounding Monty Montgomery...had a clean sweep with a 3-0 record in 3 games with a solid 2.11 ERA in 1971....Returned to bookend  Royals 1972 season.... but spent most of year in minors....went 3-3 and logged in 54 inning highlight being a shutout of California on Sept 7th....had great trouble in getting anybody out at AAA level odd coincidence catcher Bob Montgomery’s nickname was “Monty”  

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