Saturday, February 11, 2017

# 371 Denny Lemaster

like teammate Wade Blasingame a highly touted southpaw prospect out the Milwaukee Braves organization circa 1962...Curve ball control specialist who kept the ball Wade, he didn’t fulfill the advance billing....Given a “second Koufax” tag which turned out to be more of a curse....bad timing was the culprit, no run support when he pitched well or had periodic ineffectiveness....Unfortunate in that the Braves were a better than average offensive club and had a winning record in all of their Milwaukee years....Exception 2nd full year Denny wins 17 games on the back of a rare instance of Brave run support because his 4.13 was higher than average ...otherwise his line is a one of losing seasons or being one or two in the win loss column....1968 trade to Houston resulted in Denny being with offensively challenged team as a general rule.....Astro win loss record was 30-46 despite a lower ERA (3.40) than for the Braves (3.63)....Sold to the Expos for 1972....won two games in relief but his 7.74 ERA indicated he was more arsonist than fireman...Final Tally was 90-105 record.

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