Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#367 Ron Perranoski

#367 Ron Perranoski  Fallen closer circa AL fireman for the previous two years for Twins... picked on waivers by Tigers and provided a minuscule redemption....Perranoski’s resume harkens back to L.A. Coliseum days Dodgers....the lefty fast took over the #1 bullpen spot by end of 1961...accolades followed most games 1962, best win pct and most appearences 1963....remained L.A. for several more seasons...took the trail to the upper midwest 1968....Did best work 1969-70 garnering 34 saves in the later year; an AL mark at the time....Achilles heel was playoffs where he did poorly.....may have been overworked by the regular season..... subsequent career careened downward;  1972 being a repeat of 1971...poor start with slight improvement after being released this time back to the Dodgers...joined coaching and positions in scouting and development for Dodgers and Giants after of  this writing is ranked 5th in Dodger saves....inductee in the Polish American Sports Hall of Fame

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