Monday, January 9, 2017

#383 Brant Alyea 

A short but not dull career....When his bat caught a glimmer of fire he could be very, very, good....Exhibit A:  1970....outstanding debut with Twins, 4 for 4 with two home runs in opener, exceptional April;  23 RBIs and .415 BA...subsequently cooled off but would finish with at a solid .291 and 16 home runs....First player with the name “Brant’ and was the only one until Brant Brown debuted 20 years ago...In a strange coincidence they both have nearly identical career stats....Needless to say the only player with the last name Alyea...worked his way up the Senator system....memorable, MLB, hit a home run on first MLB pitch one of very few to do so...played winter ball continuing his power surge....bottom dropped out with his career in 1971, hitting .177....offered up in Rule 5 draft and picked up by A’s...caught fire in minors getting a stint in Oakland, traded to Cardinals, and then returned to the A’s....suffered a series of injuries and subsequent comebacks to majors did not materialize...did not earn full pension so worked as a casino pit boss and car dealer before his retirement


  1. Saw the trivia question on the back of Alyea's card. Who was the guy who thought up that question?