Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#382 Joe Gibbon

Handy veteran picked up after being released by the Pirates....out of the Red’s pen tied for second in team saves with Wayne Granger with 11....a rare bright spot on Big Dead Machine that year...prior was an eleven season veteran for two tours with Pittsburgh and one in San Francisco...broke in with Bucs 1960 and chipped in some work for the eventual WS in an inning in WS game --....shelled badly but then again so was the whole staff....most productive season of career followed garnering 13 wins....four more season in Steeltown met with varying degrees of success....traded to Giants for 1966...kept a job but nothing spectacular....traded back to Pirates mid 1969....move allowed him to take a more significant role in bullpen...with 1970 came the arrival Dave Guisti, Joe lost status and effectiveness....1972 was not kind however...two poor outings and was released...resurfaced in Houston for short time with almost equally poor results...was an excellent college basketball player in his day and was number 2 in NCAA scoring his senior year 1957.

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