Friday, January 13, 2017

#381 White Sox Team

The  Pale-hose....Chisox....GoGoSox....Southside Hitmen....the Hitless Wonders....Black Sox....That other team from Chi-town...situated on the South Side...not revered as the cross-town Cubs, but nevertheless has endured since 1901 despite treats to leave, scandals, and infamous lows at on and off the field....As of this writing franchise is 151 games above .500, a winning average of a game and half per year resume: three world series wins last one coming 2005....lost two championships.... team’s greatest period of success occurred in its first 21 seasons beginning at the onset of the American League 1901....concluding the 1920 season the team was 313 games above .500.... Starting in 1921, all the suspensions from the 1919 scandal hit home, namely the banning of Shoeless Joe Jackson....since then the Sox are 162 games under .500 ball....arguably the franchise did not recover until the 1950’s....good time kept up for most of the 60’s....a quick decline ensued that bottomed out with 56-106 record in 1970....the 1971 squad still had a losing record but made major inroads to respectability by improve by 23 games....Records:  the White Sox life long rep for less than stellar offense plus of presence of Superstars Frank Thomas, Albert Belle, Jim Thome, has opened the door for come close or set new team batting records....broken has been doubles, home runs (many times over!), RBIs, at bats, and total bases....Some pitching records have fallen but most have not.... Chris Sale and Jason Bere broke the team strikeout and win/loss percent records respectively....most surprisingly however Wilbur Wood 88 games set in 1968 still stands.


  1. My favorite backside card error is 1970 #705 Tony Cloninger, pitching stats under a hitting template.