Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#405 Ron Fairly

Be fair in an overview; a Canadian fixture and a veteran influence on both their fledgling teams...a talented hitter with good consistency....Started as Dodger fixture 1960’s...his offensive status enhanced by the team philosophy of pitch definitely, hit maybe....drove in six of L.A.’s 21 runs in the pitching heavy 1965 World Series....with the departure of Sandy K went into offensive funk for t he rest of his L.A. days....One theory, the Dodger infield grass was longer to slow up ground ball, problem was the home team lived or died via the line drive... Trade to Montreal allowed a new start and rejuvenation...Hit well despite cold northern air....Veteran presence and consistent home run and RBI numbers....was tops in many offensive categories along with Rusty Staub or Bob Bailey....With Staub’s departure takes over team hitting honors 1972...Road eventually led to St. Louis and late season acquisition to Oakland 1976... Trade to Toronto starts his second go round with a Canada expansion team...put up numbers that rival his best Dodger or Expo days....first Blue Jay all star rep....his last season 1978 finishes back in So Cal with the Angels....21 seasons in all

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