Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#403 John Cumberland 

Glory was gone after this card was printed....one of several candidates struggling for multiple vacant spots after Gaylord Perry and Juan Marichal in the Giants’ starting rotation….was able to begin 21 games, 17 in middle relief, and finished 7....his 1971 9-6  record was a career pinnacle....second on team in ERA....bottom dropped out 1972 with 1-5 record starting with the Giants then the Cardinals...had beginnings  in Yankees organization... never did break through to regular work....most significant output in pinstripes was 3-4 record over 15 games covering 64 innings....had a brief resurface with Angels in 1974.

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  1. Night Owl said about his '71 card "There is a lot -- I mean a LOT -- of territory on that cap". Well, here too. He must just place the cap on his head and not even pull it down. Well at least this is a much more flattering picture.