Sunday, November 27, 2016

#397 Philadelphia Phillies team card

New stadium bad team....1972 squad scarcely put out a .387 win pct....a low that has not been reached since....Season would have been far worse if not Steve Carlton.... It been a tough go for the Phillies:  133 season as a baseball playing entity....Over 1100 games under .500 closest is Baltimore being 843 games below .500....despite the futility the Phillies, since 1972, have appeared in 5 World Series, winning started in 1893 known as the Quakers in first 7 settled into Baker Bowl Stadium in 1895, the Shibe park/Connie Mack Stadium from 1938 to 1970....Veterans Stadium was the home 1971 to 2004....Since this card several sluggers have broken the Phillie mark for home runs...only pitching record that has fallen is total games....otherwise Phillie records stand tall on the shoulders of Grover Cleveland Alexander and Chuck Klein.


  1. Hi Douglas. You might want to check the year the team started again. Somehow I don't think it's really 1993. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, got it. Shouldn't type in the dark.

  3. I was at the 1971 home opener - 1st game at Veterans Stadium.