Sunday, October 2, 2016

#415 Cookie Rojas 

Initially a jack of all trades, later the Royal first significant 2nd baseman... tough to strikeout, excellent fielder and double play pivot man, a do whatever it takes player…Author of a strong  comeback….in 1970 was batting barely over .100 for the St Louis Cardinals….this coming on the heels of two subpar seasons with his longstanding Phillies….a .260 BA for the Sophomore Royals was promising sign….steps up his game with a .300 BA in 1971 as the Royals exceeded expectations….provided KC fans with 3 more strong seasons getting an all star nod in each….production exceeding his Philadelphia years of 1964 to 1967….eventually gave away playing time to prospect Frank White as Cookie was nearing age 40….. started out in the Reds organization was one of the last player out of his native Havana as Fidel Castro threaten to nationalize AAA affiliate Sugar Kings….stayed in baseball as a coach, scout, broadcast booth and manager of three MLB teams for one season each.


  1. He was actually signed as an active player in 1978 for the Cubs, but never got into a game.

  2. I know, many instances at the end of the MLB career, a player is picked up by another club, usually in off season going to spring training. Cookie's situation is a bit different in that the short stint took place while the Cubs were still playing. Looking at the standings at the time of his acquisition, they were still in the race. One wonders why he did not play at all.