Thursday, October 20, 2016

#409  Frank Baker 

Groomed as heir apparent to Yankee Gene Michael’s shortstop spot…never materialized….fielding appeared to be there but not the bat ….couldn’t even match Gene’s banjo numbers….A career closely aligned with that of Tom Shopay ....Both started in the Yankees chain then becoming fixtures in Baltimore farm system.....a couple of September call ups for the Orioles to finish out his career.... played at the same time as another Frank Baker who was an Cleveland Indian outfielder in 1969 and 1971....played against each other in 2 games....neither player should be confused with Frank “home run”  Baker the dead ball slugger who had a whopping 96 career homers and a place in the Hall of Fame....Cleveland Frank had 4 home runs and this Frank 3.


  1. That hat certainly looks airbrushed.

  2. Yes the hat is really funky almost like a decal was put on the image. It certainly seems he is a NYY uniform and three tier stadium would indicate Yankee Stadium. Maybe he didn't wear a hat for the original shoot or the cap was misaligned somehow. The world may never know.