Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#407 Chuck Taylor 

The man not the shoes…An eight year MLB career essentially in two three year acts with a two years of obscurity sandwiched in the middle.....Act 1: Secured a spot on Cardinal staff 1969 after an eight year farm club odyssey....performed in a  mixed bullpen/spot starter role...worked his way reliever for 1970-71….His trade was decidedly unsuccessful in the Big Apple...picked up on waviers by Brewers for the end of the season where he redeemed a bit of his season...Also released by Milwaukee just be but picked by the Expos....Act 2:   Played AAA most of 1973 but was able to share the #1 Expo fireman role with Dale Murray after Mike Marshall’s exit the following season…played two more seasons in Quebec, gradually losing effectiveness similar to his days in St Louis....left game in 1976 


  1. Another card of the Pete Hamm style that was always a throw in when we traded each other. It finally ended up with my main trading rival who then somehow erased the irises and pupils from his eyes giving Chuck a rather creepy "Brother Mathias" from the movie The Omega Man look.

  2. I did not have this Chuck Taylor but I have a multitude of 1973 Chuck Taylor cards with the badly airbrushed Brewer hat.

  3. Not Much of a Ballplayer, But Made a Great Pair of Sneakers.....Ha!