Monday, August 8, 2016

#439-440 Billy Williams

More Superstars....Billy the NL iron man....Oh so great Cub....Some said the best lefthanded hitter of his time....of average stature but such a sweet consistent began 1961 with solid season and ROY honors...Then improved and started a NL record 1117 consecutive game year of the sixties was 1965 with 35 home runs, 108 RBIs, and .315 BA....Was offensive juggernaut in 1970 and 1972, but those were the career years of one John Bench who was also happened to be on a pennant winner...Johnny  took the MVPs...time took a slow toll afterward....but in 1974 harbored enough trade value to bring the Cubs 3 players in swap with Oakland A’s who felt he was tailor made for the DH rule...on the west coast, home runs and RBI’s increased but BA took a sizeable drop to .244 mark in 1975....did get in his only post season work however....struggled in his last year of 1976 and lost playing time....Retired thereafter....inducted HOF in 1987....quiet, disciplined man never got outwardly angry...this may have been a factor why he was often overlooked for all star consideration....5 time all star in a 13 year would think he’d had more.


  1. You've got Maury Wills in Action instead of Billy.
    After the National, I ended up with three #440 cards. The creased one I wanted to upgrade, the offcenter one I got in a trade when I came home, and the better one I found in a quarter box at the show!

  2. Fixed it thanks. My images are small and usually don't see the lettering. I know I had the Williams in action card, but (should not confess this) but took many of in actions and modge podged them to wood panel. I have it somewhere. Hopefully.