Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#443-444 Ken Henderson

Just a tad above average MLB outfielder... Started baseball in San Francisco getting call ups for fair number of years..... could have a nice season or two but never a star...career stats of .257 BA and 122 homers were buoyed by 1970 and 1974 numbers....hit .294 for Giants and .292 for White Sox respectively....1974 was also a comeback coming off three years of diminished numbers...Output declined thereafter and eventually became a well traveled reserve...Braves, Rangers,  Mets, Reds, and Cubs were his addresses, which stopped in 1980...Could do multiple things adequately....Was considered a very fine defensive player with a strong arm...also showed surprising speed early in career.


  1. IN those years the Giants had Mays, Jim Ray Hart, Ollie Brown, Bonds, Maddox, Gary Matthews, George Foster and Dave Kingman all coming from their minor league system! To play at all meant you have to be talented.

    1. The Giants were certainly a great developer of position players in the 60's and early 70's and after losing one player another exceeded the incumbent. Problem was for them this doesn't equate into long term success because of bad trades, expansion, and the eventual dawn of free agency.