Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#455 Tommy Harper

Tough to figure out...very, very good at times, sometimes a disappointment....always changing....Small and light, sometimes speed was his game, sometimes power....was an original Seattle Pilot and swiped a league leading 73 bases....double his career SB mark to that time and very surprising in that he had only 11 for the Indians the year before....instantly changed next year to the Milwaukee Brewer’s first power threat, crushing 31 home runs, a season that is still talked about today with local...that year also maintained some of that 1969 speed with 37 stolen bases and a career best .287 BA....Spent first five full season with Reds starting 1963...Led NL in runs 1965 to compliment his 18 home runs....a trade to Boston for 1972 put him in the leadoff spot for two years...responded with second best season with 17, 71, and .281 numbers....was AL stolen base king for franchise not known for speed....a 44 point decline in BA in 1974 dropped his stock and trade....stole bases by wits rather than speed in later year...sold off to take detours to California, Oakland, and return to Boston in his last year and half...mostly an outfielder but dabbled with 2nd and 3rd base.

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