Monday, July 11, 2016

#453 Barry Lersch

One of a multitude of Philly hurlers brought in from the farm system in late sixties, early seventies...met with mediocre success on struggling teams....couldn’t stick in 1969 and sent down....resurfaced 1970 and was able to claim six wins over three loses....Never really established himself as a starter or reliever, dabbling in both....1971 was his most prolific season, 30 starts, 200+ innings but non support by the Phillie bats doomed him to 5-14 record....also not helping were dooming stats of surrendered the 2nd most home runs in NL and 8th in walks per 9 innings.....Barry lowered his ERA in 1972 to a respectable 3.02 but again was beset by a hefty losing record of 2-9....Phillies improved in 1973 but Barry’s ERA went up to over 4.00 and a 3-6 record....passed away in 2009.

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