Thursday, July 14, 2016

#452 Ed Herrmann

No, not the Actor and History Channel documentary narrator...But Spelled same way....Catcher for White Sox.then various other teams....oddly enough career best season was his sophomore campaign when the Chisox were at their worst, 1970....19 home runs, 52 RBI’s and .281 BA  in 294 at bats all career bests....Teamed nicely with Duane Josphepson giving the team a surplus of talent at manny of peers of the time, clean cut at first later grew a beard and longer hair....power numbers were strangely consistent in subsequent years....10 home runs, near 40 RBIs...BA fluctuated to .214 to .259...was named to all star team 1974 despite semi regular status....1975 was sent to Yankees as mostly as a part time DH....kept moving on in 1976 splitting a season between Angels and in regular work with Houston....relegated to backup for Houston next season and Expos in 1978....Passed away in 2013 a year before the Actor Ed.

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