Friday, June 17, 2016

#461 Tim Cullen

Holds a dubious distinction of 1971....lowest batting average of all players 250 At Bats and above with .191 mark.... by default a good glove man because he had to be....little power with 9 home runs in 1761 at bats....A bad sign was most of his baseball cards showed Tim either fielding or choking up with a fungo bat....A regular reserve middle infield for the Senator's  later years in Washington DC....holds a special relationship with fellow infielder Ron Hansen for they were trade for each other twice in 1968....Tim a brief respite for 72 game in the Windy City Southside...Was released by Texas/Washington prior to low can you go?....picked up by A’s and responded with career high BA of .261 in 142 at bats as Oakland scrambled to replace Dick Green....ended career with his only post season at bat against Detroit.

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