Sunday, April 3, 2016

#486 John Lowenstein

Interesting and answer to Lt. Joker of full Metal Jacket...16 year career...high hopes out of the minors...endeared himself to AAA Whicta manager and eventual Indian skipper Ken Aspromonte with versatility and power and clutch hitting....although John’s ability to play multiple was helpful but bat did not meet expectations in 8 years with the season by the lake was 1973 hitting a .292 in 305 at more playing in 1974 and stole 36 bases but BA dropped by fifty points....returned to utility role for next 3 Indian campaigns...One interesting side light of those year was the start of an Apathy Fan Club....after some off the cuff remarks about such clubs...After 1976 season was traded to Toronto Blue Jays...spent several month on the Jay’s off season roster then traded back to Indians....seamless on the his career stats....Final traded in 1978 for good to Texas...Another mediocre season and he offered up on waviers....Baltimore rolled the dice picking him up for a 20K....Hit a minor jackpot for 6 platoon role mostly with Gary Roenicki improved dramatically nice at the 1982 and 1983 found the pop in his bat predicted for him since his AAA days....Combined with Gary accounted for 45 home runs in 1982....Incredibly efficient effort coupled with .320 BA ....despite a shinning WS performance lost playing time in 1984 and decline in production ensued....left the field in 1985 to the broadcast American Leaguer.

Here's another depiction of John....


  1. Not only did Steiner hit .242 two years in a row (1974, 1975), but 3 years out of 4 (1977)!

    1. Thank goodness John had .205 BA in 1976 so he wouldn't be type cast.