Saturday, April 9, 2016

#484 Lum Harris

Understudy and Aide-de-Camp to baseball man Paul Richards... player to coach in minors, paired up in Baltimore, Lum followed Paul to the fledgling Colt .45 and then Atlanta Braves 1972 was entering his last season with Atlanta...alienating with some players as too close to Richards...first manager of an indoor team with Astros 1965....highlight of career was 1969 season when his stars were mostly healthy... were the NL West division winners... let go by Braves and spelled the end of relationship with Richards...Swore off baseball and Returned to farming until he died a player, was a pitcher on second division Philadelphia A’s teams....ate a lot of innings but was frequently on the losing end of the decision....once lost 21 games in season for the A's.

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